Good Ol' Bus Strikes

Monday, February 13, 2012


After all, I was wondering what was with all the silence today. :D

Well apparently the buses have decided they've had it, at least the private ones. Just being a few meters away from the most active (or shall I say traveled) road in this country (not to mention, the main road) means I get my daily dose of constant screeching, brake pressure release, bell hits, maybe a crash once or twice.

But not today. Ooohhh no no no no... today is one of the most calmest days I've had here (well yeah, there is the occasional truck and Transit Board bus that passes by). But I suppose the strike has gotten rid of about... lesse 50%? Okay, I know I suck at math, but that was a good enough estimate.

It's refreshing once in a while... oh yes and this apparently is going to cost me my Polytechnic class today... I'm NOT gonna be crushed around in a Kalutara bus!

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